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Loyalty Club

Welcome to RummyVilla Loyalty Points. It's our privilege to have you onboard. As a token of gratitude RummyVilla offers its players with rewards for every rupee wagered since we value your time and money more than you do.

Here, you can learn everything about earning Loyalty Points and what they mean to you as a player on RummyVilla.

What Are Loyalty Points and How To Earn Them?

RummyVilla’s Loyalty Program circles around just one core concept which is to make your journey more exciting!

Users will automatically earn 1 Loyalty Point for every Rs.25 that they play on RummyVilla real cash games and cash tournaments. As the Loyalty Points increase, the user status on the website increase which is depicted by the Loyalty Club name and corresponding stars!

Rummy Villa has 5 different Loyalty Clubs – each one has its own unique benefits that you crave for.

Loyalty Club

Wagering Amount


Blue 0
Silver Rs.1 to Rs.25,000
Gold Rs.25,001 to Rs.50,000
Platinum Rs.50,001 to Rs.1,00,000
Diamond Rs.1,00,000+

Every Rs.25 spent on cash games = 1 Loyalty Point

Benefits of Loyalty Points

1. RummyVilla periodically introduces Tournaments that accept Loyalty Points for entry.

2. Loyalty Points can be converted into cash and can be transferred into your account. On accumulating multiples of 25 Loyalty Points, users will get corresponding RummyVilla Points (RP) (25 Loyalty Points = 1 RummyVilla Point) which can later be converted and can be used to play for cash.

How to Redeem Loyalty Points?

A user may use Loyalty Points to either play in tournaments that accept Loyalty Points or may redeem it for cash. Click Here to check Tournaments schedule or Click Here to redeem Loyalty Points for cash chips.

Terms and Conditions:
  • On wagering of Rs.25, users will get 1 Loyalty Point (LP).
  • Loyalty Points can be used to play tournaments that accept Loyalty Points.
  • On redeeming Loyalty Points in tournaments, user’s club will not be affected by Loyalty Points will be consumed.
    Example: A user has 2,500 LP and belongs to Platinum Club. He can use all 2,500 LPs to play in tournaments that accept Loyalty Points. On using these LPs, his Club rating will not be affected but LPs will reduce as per usage.
  • On accumulating 25 Loyalty Points, users will get 1 RummyVilla Point (RP) which can later be converted and can be used to play for cash.
    Example: A user has 2,500 LPs. He can convert these LPs to 100 RPs which are equivalent to Rs.100. A user can use this amount to play for cash.

Expiry: All loyalty points and Loyalty Club status will expire after 1 Year.