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Rummy Game Artificial Intelligence

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The Player Protection System feature aims to meld your cards in the event of an internet disconnection. The feature helps you in getting the least points when you are not able to meld yourself because of an internet disconnection.

Since the game has no control over the available internet connections across the country, we have introduced Artificial Intelligence which helps to reduce the losses incurred by our players due to connectivity problems.

  • Ensures some points rather than nothing when the internet gets disconnected.
  • Automatically melds your cards when the internet gets disconnected.
  • The feature gets activated as soon as your internet is running slow or is completely disconnected.

AI becomes active in the below scenarios:

  • If your opponent places a valid show while you are disconnected, AI will meld your cards automatically, provided you have not dropped the game before the getting disconnected.
  • If you place the show and get disconnected, then AI will meld the cards automatically after your meld time runs out.
  • If your opponent places a show and you get disconnected before you meld/send your cards then AI will meld your cards.
  • When a player places show and multiple players on the table get disconnected, then AI will meld cards for the disconnected players.

If a player's cards have been meld by AI, that would be displayed with a 'AI' badge in the Result Window as shown in the screenshot below.

AI Game Image
Terms and Conditions
  • AI is not available in all games. Check for the 'AI' badge in games wherever AI is available.
  • AI is to make sure that lesser count is given for players who get disconnected instead of Drop Points.
  • There are multiple ways to meld the cards and AI will only try to meld cards as per a best possible way, but it does not guarantee least count or 100% accuracy.
  • RummyVilla is not responsible for any errors or variations in scores awarded that arise when AI has melded the cards.
  • RummyVilla will not be responsible if AI doesn't work in any of the games that support it.
  • RummyVilla has the right to make changes or remove AI at any point of time without prior notification.