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Bonus Codes & Slabs:

Bonus Code Bonus Percentage Deposit
EXTRA12 12% Rs.500   to   Rs.1,999
EXTRA14 14% Rs.2,000   to   Rs.3,999
EXTRA16 16% Rs.4,000   to   Rs.7,499
EXTRA18 18% Rs.7,500   to   Rs.9,999
EXTRA20 20% Rs.10,000   to   Rs.14,999
EXTRA22 22% Rs.15,000   to   Rs.19,999
EXTRA24 24% Rs.20,000  
Terms and Conditions:
  • This offer is valid for all club level players.
  • It is mandatory for players to enter the bonus code while depositing money to claim a equivalent bonus.
  • All bonus received will expire after 5 days from day of release into your bonus account.
  • All pending bonus in account will get void upon requesting a withdrawal.
  • EXTRA12, EXTRA14, EXTRA16, EXTRA18, EXTRA20, EXTRA22 & EXTRA24 codes can be used any number of times.
  • Cashback received must be wagered 15 times to withdraw.
  • This is a limited period offer and all standard website Terms & Conditions apply!

Expiry: The Bonus must be earned (disbursed) within 5 days (120 hours) of adding cash during the validity of the offer.

Redemption Process:

The bonus amount will be disbursed in 10 equal chunks. For instance, if you deposit Rs.1,000 using code EXTRA12, you are eligible for a total bonus of Rs.120. You will receive Rs.12 as your first chunk once you have played for an aggregate entry fee of Rs.180, i.e. fifteen times the first chunk. Once you play for another Rs.180, we will credit the second Bonus chunk of Rs.12 to your account, and so on till a maximum of Rs.120 Bonus has been added to your account.

If you deposit Rs.5,000 using bonus code EXTRA16, you’re eligible for a total bonus of Rs.800. The bonus amount is disbursed in 10 equal chunks of Rs.80 each as described in the table below. You will receive Rs.80 as first bonus once you have wagered for Rs.1,200, which is fifteen times your first chunk amount.

Chunk Number Bonus Amount Wagering Requirement Bonus Credited
1 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
2 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
3 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
4 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
5 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
6 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
7 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
8 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
9 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80
10 Rs.80 Rs. 1,200 Rs.80

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