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What type of Online Rummy Player Are You?



Rummy is a group of matching-card games notable for similar gameplay based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit and the best thing about online rummy is that you can find a lot of interesting gamers online. They can be cold as ice or the best people you met this weekend.

Just like every game comprises of different types of players indulged in it, Rummy is not an exception at all! In this game, players of different personalities and gaming style can be seen. Even though unknown to us, these players play a key role in helping us to learn different styles and in this way enhance our gaming skills. If you can notice and profile the gaming pattern of different rummy gamers, you can improve your game. This is a precious skill as it can help you render a strategy to overpower them.

But did you just realize that you are also one of these players? Well, let's see what kind of a rummy player you are. Let us find out...<< /p>

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It is either you or was you some years ago. If you are playing in freeroll tournaments and low-value tables, you might be one of them. They are the ones who know little to nothing and want to learn about the game in a true sense. You are still struggling with the basics of sequence, pure sequence and sets.

In this category, there is another type of rummy player known as the ‘noob’. What makes the noob different from the newbie is that while the newbie is in it to learn, improve their skills and win; the noobs are simply trying their luck and hand at a new activity.

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What makes them stand apart from everyone else is that they have a will of iron. These are the ones who never drop the game no matter what. They will play every hand and continuously try to meld their cards even they do not have a pure sequence. You can detect an aggressive player after a game or two. These are the real passionate players of this game.

Such players do not hesitate to play with any kind of hand that is dealt to them and have a great deal of confidence in their own ability to turn the game around in their favour, even till the very end.

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They are not just skilled; they crush their opponents with a couple of moves. These are the players who are not willing to take the slightest of risks. They always calculate the odds of winning and will not play their hand unless they have a good starting hand that contains a pure sequence and a set/sequence.

These players sometimes even drop their rummy game in the middle of an ongoing session if they predict that there is no chance of winning with their particular hand. They calculate their ways and set their cards in a logical manner and always seem to finish their hand first.

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Rummy is a game that needs full concentration and cognitive powers and where you can bluff and force your opponents into drop their hand. They trick other players into thinking that they are about to finish the game. So, make sure to keep your eyes open when you have one of the bluff masters as your opponent.

If you find yourself playing against a bluff master, you should hold on to your cards and not fold, in a while you will see their hand and can decide for yourself. You will be able to identify which these players are in a game or two, itself.

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They are characterized by their inclination to learn more. These players are a little-experienced, compared to the newbies. They would have primarily got themselves acquainted with the features of the rummy sites, playing guidelines and other site and game-related information.

You will find such players always in the learning mode absorbing anything and everything coming their way. They focus their efforts on learning new tips and tricks, winning strategies, hacks and other useful information related to the game. Even if it means to lose a game, they intently play to learn.

These are the type of players who somehow make the game more and more interesting. Rummy Villa mobile rummy is just a decision away and you should try the game right now to decide under which of these four categories you fall. No matter what kind of a player you are, you are going to love Rummy Villa.

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