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Online Rummy Strategies To Win 13 Card Rummy Game

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Rummy is a game that is played in almost all parts of the world. The online version of rummy has lifted the popularity of rummy in India. Now the young generation of India also values the importance of the game. Rummy being a game of skill requires an adequate amount of experience to master.

Expertise in online rummy is something you can get only with practice. The more you practice, the more you become better. Playing more games helps you learn the best tricks and tips. But before getting to the tips, you must fully understand the basic rummy rules and how to play rummy game online.

There are many basic to advanced rummy strategies that can be applied to play Indian Rummy online. However, before you go ahead and execute the advanced strategies, you need to make sure that you cover the basics.

Below are the top strategies that can increase your winning percentage and easily outclass opponents at any level –


The first and foremost thing to note while making a sequence is that you should aim for the pure sequence first. A pure sequence is the combination of consecutive cards of the same suit without Jokers.

E.g. 4♣, 5♣, 6♣ is a pure sequence

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Having a pure sequence will reduce the burden of points. If you do not have a pure sequence and someone finishes the game, you will be getting the maximum points. Once you have the pure sequence, you can start making up other sets and sequences.


Rummy is a game of draw and discard; you should always discard your high value cards first. Holding cards with high points like Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks to wait for an opportunity to form a sequence or set increases the risk of losing by high points if your opponent’s declare before you to form a sequence or set with your high cards.

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At times you may need to keep hold of the high cards. There might be situations where your opponent needs a high card. If you have noticed your opponent taking a high card from the open deck, you may want to hold the high cards. But make sure that you are discarding the cards that your opponent does not require.


Joker can play a vital role in helping you meld your cards into sets and sequences. At times when you may find difficult to meld you cards because of the missing cards. But if you have a Joker with you, you will be able to substitute the missing cards with it.

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The basic trick is to use the Joker to complete your 2 sequences. If you have already made 2 sequences, then use the Joker to make the rest of the sequences/sets. Another smart trick is to use Joker to make a sequence/set with the high-point cards. It is important that you value your Joker card and you can reduce the number of points in your hand.

So, make a note of the Joker card when you start the game and do not discard the Joker card by accident.


You will always have an extra edge if you have a brief idea on cards which your opponents are discarding. This will help you determine the cards your opponents have, and the sets and the sets they are trying to make. So, you can be cautious and not discard cards that are required by your opponents.

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Example: Your opponent discards J♣, you can assume that he/she doesn’t want to make his sequence on Q♣ or K♣. So, discard these cards if you have them and check if he/she picks them from the open deck or not. You can repeat this for other combinations in further steps until you declare all your cards.


If you are in the middle of the game and you are not able to meld the cards, it is better to discard and go for other options.

So, don’t wait too long for a meld and instead focus on reducing your points by discarding the high-value cards.


One of the smart rummy moves is to confuse the opponents. You can confuse your opponent into thinking that you are about to win the game.

Simply bluff that you have a better hand than your opponents. However, to master this trick, you need to be excellent at knowing your opponent’s discard and picks. Only then can you picture the cards that your opponents are holding.

You should try taking cards more often from the open deck. If you do this for 2 or more times, your opponent might think that you may finish the game anytime. Another smart move is to discard low value cards first, this will also make a false impression that you are about to finish the game.


Dropping your game is not always bad in rummy. In fact, it is a strategy to drop the hand to get minimum points. If you think you have a bad hand at the beginning of the game or if you think you cannot meld your cards in the middle of the game, it is safest way to drop the hand.

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