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How to master an Online Rummy Tournament



Online rummy tournaments are super fun as they add the quotient of prize money along with the fun that tags along. However, this means you need to develop some pro skills to beat your opponents at the tournament tables.

On RummyVilla, you can find a wide range of tournaments. We host a variety of freeroll and cash tournaments. Players can participate in and make the most out of these tournaments and win from huge prize pools.

But if you want to win big prize pool, you need to bring your skills to the tables. You should use smart strategies to defeat your opponents. So, let’s talk about some cool tips and strategies today that you need to practice your game to a whole new level and climb the ladder of high stakes rummy tournaments with ease.


First and foremost, have the right Rummy strategy in place. Being a great rummy player requires a lot of practice, patience, and planning in order to master the game. Such strategies can trick opponents and improve your winning odds. The best rummy strategy to win a game of rummy starts in beginning of the game. If you handle it right, you will be controlling the game and your opponents all the way through.

Just knowing rummy rules is not enough but playing around is what will help you win a game. With multiple strategies involved in each variant and format of the game, you need to join practice tables or freerolls to practice your game in real time. The more you play of this, the better you will get in real money tables and cash rummy tournaments.


In order to become a good rummy tournament player, you need to become disciplined and make a schedule of the online rummy tournaments you intend to play during the week. If you wish to improve your game, you need to become regular in your game and pick a certain stake range from where you wish to move up. There are various tournaments happening throughout the year. Each tournament is exciting in its own right – the prize value varies, the number of finalists differs, the scoring changes, etc. Some are held on a weekly basis, while others happen occasionally.

So, make a list of the exact tournaments and the number of times you are going to play them during the week keeping note of convenient timings that do not hinder your daily schedule. If you have little experience in online rummy tournaments, pick a mix of micro and low stakes tournaments and play them alternatively.


In a rummy tournament, the stakes are high, the heart races, and the mind is alert. The mind keeps your emotions in check, but is also bursting with ideas, plans, and tricks during a rummy tournament. The best way to channel your mind to think clearly is to keep it calm, yet alert. Rummy is a game of skill and hence, requires a balanced set of mind along with undivided attention in order to win among an ocean pool of players. If you sit on the table after a fight, it is natural you would be tempted to take decisions based on your swirling emotions. You make the best decisions when you are not filled with anxiety and stress.

Hence, practice staying calm in intense rummy situations. Enter cash games with low entry fee and learn to control your mental abilities in dire situations. You will have a better outcome when your mind is strong, which is perfect for playing tournaments and taking on other experienced players. So, join a rummy table with the right frame of mind. A clear mind will help you make right decisions in the game. Moreover, you will be able to multitask and keep a track of your score and observe your opponents.


In a online rummy game, a joker takes you one step closer to winning. It depends on how you can use it in the best way. You can use the joker to make the next sequence, assuming you have already made the pure sequence. If you have multiple jokers, use it to make more non-pure sequences and remember to substitute it with a card that has a higher point value. The best useful trick is to prioritize forming a pure sequence. As we all know, a valid declaration requires at least two sequences out of which at least one must be a pure sequence. A pure sequence is vital for winning a rummy game and consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. As soon as cards are dealt, focus on creating a pure sequence first.


The golden trick in rummy is to keep track of your opponents. If you remember the cards of other players, it will minimize their chances of winning. Remember, you are not the only one playing for the prize money in rummy tournaments. Everyone’s eyes are at the prize money so you need to keep a hawk eye at the table at all times and notice each card picked up and discarded by your opponent’s so that you do not throw any single card that might help your opponent’s fill their gaps in the game.


While you learn online rummy, it is always said that bluffing is not possible in this game of skill. But, there are many pro players who discard cards to the table just to confuse their opponents. This will make it hard for opponents to read a hand or the meld that the player is trying to make. The harder it is to read the game play, the better performance you will give on cash rummy tournaments. So, always mix-up your rummy strategies for a better gaming experience as well as to increase your winning probabilities.

So, following these tips is the ideal way to enter and play a rummy tournament. Now you know the ideal ways to step into the tournament zone in online rummy, let’s take you to our rummy tournaments that can offer you value for your skills and money.

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