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Indian Rummy Game Variations



Rummy has been the most popular game after Poker worldwide. The evolution of rummy has actually resulted in many rummy variations; this is the main reason for its worldwide popularity. Rummy games are popular card games, known by different names such as Indian rummy, Gin Rummy, Rummy 500, Canasta, California Rummy, as per slight variation of rules and no. of cards it is played with.

The most prominent variant of rummy that is played in India is the 13 card rummy. The other variant of rummy is the 21 cards rummy which is played in some parts of the country. There are more than a dozen variants for the rummy game which are played worldwide, but all of the games are evolved from the basic 'draw and discard' game play.

Each variation has its different set of rules and gameplay. Play all the Indian Rummy variations on Rummy Villa and experience the best gaming experience!

In this blog, we will be talking about the most popular variants of Indian Rummy that are easy to learn and play -

history game

It is known as 80 Points Rummy or Strikes Rummy; it is the simplest and the most basic format of 13 Card Rummy. A session of this game lasts just a few minutes. It is the version recommended for beginners. It is the most liked online rummy variant as it allows card lovers to refresh themselves without spending much time. There are tables with different point values. The players have to participate in the game with an entry fee. The player who finishes first wins the amount. A maximum of 6 players can play points a rummy game in a table.

Player Winnings = (Sum of all points that opponents get) X (Rupee value of the point) – Rummy Villa fees

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Pool Rummy is played for a number of pre-decided points. Any player who reaches this point in a game is eliminated from the game and the player having least point at the end of the game takes the prize pool. Players have to pay a fixed entry fee to participate in this game. It is similar to playing the Points Rummy game till all the players barring one, get eliminated from the game on collecting some points depending on the version. The player who is left is the winner.

On Rummy Villa, you will find two options for Pool Rummy Games:

1. 101 points

2. 201 points

Avoid reaching a score of 101 or 201, depending on which game you choose. These numbers will eliminate you from the game. Hence, pool rummy is best played with friends and family. It is high on fun.

Player Winnings = (Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) – Rummy Villa fees

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Deals Rummy is played for a fixed number of deals. Each player gets an equal number of chips at the beginning of the game. At the end of each deal, the losing players have to surrender their chips to the winner. When all the deals are over, players get ranks as per their chip count. The player who has accumulated the maximum chips is the overall winner. It is just like playing Points Rummy for a pre-decided number of times.

If you lose in the first deal, you can have a perfect comeback in the next deal. Due to this factor, Deals Rummy is widely played at special events and with bigger prize pools. So this Indian rummy variant requires more time to complete as compared to the other variants.

On Rummy Villa, you will find two options for Deals Rummy Games:

1. Best of 2 deals

2. Best of 3 deals

Player Winnings = (Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) - Rummy Villa fees

history game

The invention of online rummy made Rummy Tournaments easily accessible than ever before as you could play an incredible number of tournaments with real-money prizes without waiting in lines in clubs. You do not need to rely on your friends, relatives and pester them constantly to play rummy with you. Rummy Villa tournaments give our players perfect opportunity to earn some cash prizes in quick time. Our tournaments are well structured and easy to play. We offer the right mix of excitement as well reward for these tournaments.

There are free-entry tournaments where players can win real money, and cash tournaments where players can win bigger prize pools by paying an entry fee. The players with the highest number of chips proceed to higher rounds and the top players share the prize pool according to their position in the tournament. Rummy tournaments are so popular that mega tournaments with massive prize pools are held frequently on festivals and big occasions. Rummy Villa holds a lot of rummy tournaments, both free entry and bigger prize pool cash tournaments.

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