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How to use Kings and Queens in an Online Rummy Game?

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Rummy is the most prominent card game of all with worldwide acceptance. It is a household name as the game is played in the festive season and even at parties. Adding the money to the game just elevates the excitement level attached to it alongside a fuelled desire to win. Before playing a game, it is vital to learn the basic rules to play it. You also need to learn some added tips and tricks to tackle tricky situations. It turns into a different story altogether when you play Indian rummy for money. No one would want to lose their money; even if they lose, they would want to close with the least points possible. Here we are going to discuss how to use the kings and queens effectively to win the rummy game.

What are Kings and Queens in an Indian rummy game?

There are 8 kings and queens collectively in the modern deck of cards – 4 kings and 4 queens. The kings and the queens are the highest valued cards in rummy alongside the jack. Both cards are valued at 10 points each. Just like the number cards, face cards are also used to form sequences and sets. In a 13-card variation of rummy, it is compulsory to form two sequences, including a pure one (without the joker).

The card of Ace is considered higher than the king in the game of rummy, and it would be placed higher if used in the same sequence.

Learn to use kings and queens in the game of rummy

Use King, Queen, and Jack to form a sequence – Just like every other card, face cards could be used to form both sequence and the set. You could make a pure and real sequence with the help of face cards. In a pure sequence, you would need either Jack or an Ace to complete the sequence.

  • Either you could make a sequence – J Q K, or you could make a sequence Q K A.
  • You could also include the number card in the sequence with the face cards – 10 J Q.

In a real sequence, you could use the joker (printed or wild) to form a sequence - Q♦-K♦-8♠️ (wild Joker); Q♣️-K♣️-PJ (printed Joker).

Be quick to act –

It is not advised to hold on to the face cards for a longer period of time, hoping to make a sequence or set. You need to think off your feet and act accordingly. You may miss the opportunity to discard them in time to reduce your points and lose big. If you are dealt with a hand with several face cards, try to form a sequence from them in the first 2-3 moves. If you are unable to do it, start discarding them for the lower cards.

Use face cards to make sets –

When 3 cards of the same value from the different suit are grouped, it is called a set or a meld. The suits of every card in the set must be different. If you have two cards of the same value from the different suits, you could complete the set using the joker.

If you have three different queens - one of the hearts, one of spade, and one of the diamond, you could form a set. However, if you have two queens of hearts and one queen of spade, you won’t be able to form a set. In case you only have two kings – one of the club and one of spade, you could add a joker in between to complete the set.

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